Tassimo with starting problem, how to fix?

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Your Tassimo does not start? You try to launch a coffee but nothing to do, the Tassimo does not work.

In this article, we help you spot why the Tassimo won’t start and show you the procedures to fix it.

Why does the Tassimo have a starting problem?

power problem

Press the on/off button, if that does not work, check that the coffee maker is plugged in and that the power cord is not damaged.

Also check the electrical outlet by plugging another household appliance into it. If it does not light up either, the socket is faulty. If it lights up, the problem is with the Tassimo.

Unplug your Tassimo, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in. If at this time the lights come on but the coffee does not flow, you can consult our guide on a Tassimo which has a flow problem.

There is not enough water in the tank

If the reservoir LED is on, there is not enough water and therefore the machine cannot brew a coffee. Check the water level and top it up if necessary. Also check that the float is not blocked and that the tank is properly seated.

Descaling problem

If your Tassimo coffee maker is blocked and a red light is on, it means it needs to be descaled. It is important to do this regularly, for the frequency re-read your manual with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Prolonged absence of descaling damages, due to scale deposits, both the water circuit and the components of your coffee machine. To prolong the life of the Tassimo, descale it regularly. We give you the procedure for descaling a Tassimo in the following paragraph.

Repairing a Tassimo that won’t start

If you have ruled out the problem of the power supply and the water tank not being well filled or the float stuck, it is because the problem comes from descaling. Here is the procedure to descale a Tassimo:

  1. Take out the water tank.
  2. Dissolve two descaling capsules in half a liter of water in the tank (the use of vinegar is effective but not generally recommended by manufacturers as it can damage the machine, it is a solution to be used rather in an emergency).
  3. Put your tank back in place.
  4. Put the barcode T-DISC at the bottom in the brewing system instead of the pod.
  5. Put a container under the spout to collect the used descaling liquid.
  6. Press the button for a few seconds to start the coffee maker, this will trigger descaling.
  7. Wait 30 minutes for the descaling to take place, at the end the orange button lights up.
  8. Empty the container with its used descaling water and replace it under the spout.
  9. It is now necessary to rinse the machine three or four times to rid it of residues of descaling products.
  10. Fill the water tank and repeat the rinse cycle.

Once the procedure has been carried out three times, your Tassimo is ready to pour you a good coffee.

I tried everything, my Tassimo does not start, what solutions

If you have followed all the steps described in this article correctly and your Tassimo still does not work, you have two options:

  • contact a repairer to identify the fault, if the machine is under warranty the repair may be covered by the manufacturer;
  • if it is no longer repairable, it is surely time to change your coffee machine.