Blue Mountain: coffee with a world reputation

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Café Blue Mountain
Café Blue Mountain

Obtained from coffee trees grown in Jamaica in the mountain of the same name, Blue Mountain coffee has earned its titles of nobility throughout the world. And there is no shortage of superlatives: the best coffee in the world, Blue Mountain is (almost) the most expensive.

Highly sought after by aficionados, does it live up to its reputation? Is it worth adding to your kitchen? We explain everything about Blue Mountain coffee : origin, taste, price… Let’s go on a gustatory journey to the heart of Jamaica.

Blue Mountain coffee, origin and specificities

Blue Mountain coffee is named after the mountains on which it is grown, the Blue Mountains, located in eastern Jamaica.

Blue Mountaincoffee farming stretches across the parishes of Portland, St. Andrew and St. Thomas, encircling Blue Mountain, on just 6,000 hectares.

Blue Mountain coffee enjoys a microclimate: cool temperatures and rainfall are the ingredients that give it the originality and flavour that make it so special.

It was in 1973 that the appellation was created with a clearly stated ambition: to gather under this label the best coffee beans from the Jamaican island.

If Blue Mountain coffee is distinguished by its quality, it is also distinguished by its packaging: no more jute bags, but storage and transport in small barrels.

Blue Mountain: the most expensive coffee in the world?

Although it has long been the most expensive coffee in the world, Blue Mountain coffee has now been surpassed by two rivals who have placed it in third place: Bourbon pointu, grown on Reunion Island, and Kopi Luwak from Indonesia.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is priced at around $150 per kilo after roasting.

If its unique taste contributes to its price… its rarity is another important factor with its 1350 tons of earnings cultivated annually. It is exported to Japan (95%), with the rest going to the USA and Europe.

The grains are selected strictly on the basis of size and optimum maturity.

Blue Mountain coffee: taste, aromas, flavours

Before you fall for Blue Mountain coffee, here’s what you need to know about its taste. Its sweet, slightly bitter flavour and strong, intense aroma are particularly appreciated thanks to its long finish. Its aromatic cocoa and acidic notes are a delight for its fans.

However, Blue Mountain coffee (Arabica) is not reserved for a handful of connoisseurs: it is easy to adopt on a daily basis… provided that price is not an obstacle.

Almost six times more expensive than a traditional pack, it can be expensive if you drink several cups a day!

It can also be consumed more rarely for special occasions to enjoy without breaking the bank!

It’s also a great Christmas or birthday gift idea for a coffee lover.

How to use Blue Mountain coffee?

It is prepared like any other traditional coffee: in espresso, filter coffee maker, Italian coffee maker, piston… Choose the dosage you normally use and… just enjoy it!

Where to buy Blue Mountain coffee?

You can find them in coffee shops and roasters in your city. If you don’t have one near you, here are some other options.

Buy Blue Mountain coffee online

Blue Mountain Coffee: amazon offers it online, it’s convenient because you get it directly to your home.

Blue Mountain Coffee: Nespresso

It is offered in capsule form by Nespresso under the name Jamaica Blue Mountain.

Its woody and spicy notes will seduce the brand’s fans.

There are also Blue Mountain coffee capsules sold by other brands and compatible with Nespresso machines.

Blue Mountain coffee pod

Blue Mountain coffee is also sold in pods, which you can easily find online or in stores.