Former engineers, we cast off in 2009 for a 6-year voyage by boat. If this mode of transport is synonymous with freedom, we quickly realize that it comes with a few…. constraints :). 

To live independently on board, you must certainly know how to navigate… but also repair everything! Solar panels, wind turbines, generator, gas stove, engine, household appliances, etc.

Captain and ship’s mate must have quickly started their idle time under the sun to put on the repairman’s blouse of all kinds!

Since then, we are back on land but have not lost this mania for fixing everything, this time in our accommodation!

So why not share our tips and tricks with you? Finally, it’s good for the wallet, the planet and… it can also be fun (if we tell you!).

We offer breakdown analysis and repair guides for all household items. We are also planning, in a short time, to offer you purchasing guides when repair is not possible.

For any questions, contact us via the form on the eponymous page.

All that remains is for us to wish you good luck and… happy repairs!

Alex and Xavier – Site Managers

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