How to fix a Tassimo that blows the fuses

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Your Tassimo blows the fuses? You start it, launch your little coffee and bam, blackout, the Tassimo trips the meter?

Don’t worry, follow our guide to identify why the Tassimo is tripping the meter and fix it yourself.

Why the Tassimo blows the fuses

To find the cause of the malfunction of the Tassimo, carry out the following checks in order.

The problem is the circuit breaker

It may happen that the circuit breaker does not support the power of the appliance. In this case, the amperage simply needs to be changed so that the circuit breaker can handle the coffee machine.

Check that the electrical outlet is not damaged

One reason that may seem silly but that can happen more often than you think is that the electrical socket is defective. To test it, plug in a different appliance on this socket, if it too trips, the problem is really with the socket and not with the Tassimo.

The problem is resistance

Water may have entered the resistor and damaged it, or even caused a short circuit. Start by removing the resistor and then test it with an ohmmeter. We give you the procedure for testing a Tassimo coffee machine resistor in the chapter below.

Repairing a Tassimo that breaks the meter

Test and change the resistor

Here’s how to tell if the Tassimo’s resistance is defective.

Once the resistor has been disassembled, it must be tested. Take an ohmmeter and place its tips on the resistor: if you get a value that is higher than zero, the resistor is defective. It must be replaced by a new one.

Descaling the Tassimo

It is important to descale the Tassimo regularly to extend its life and prevent breakdowns. Limescale has a detrimental effect because it blocks the water flow and wears out the pump prematurely. Failure to descale can lead to leaks, which under certain conditions can also lead to short circuits.

How do I know when to descale my Tassimo? When the red light on the Tassimo comes on, it is a sign that it needs to be descaled. A complete descaling is often recommended two or three times a year.

To descale a Tassimo and get back your good coffee recipes, proceed as follows:

  1. Get Tassimo descaling tablets, these are the ones generally recommended to effectively descale the machine without damaging it.
  2. Fill the tank with as much water as possible and wait for the two decalcifying tablets to dissolve completely in the water.
  3. Remove the yellow maintenance disc from the machine and put it with its barcode down into the percolation system (this is where you normally put the T disc or coffee pod).
  4. Put the tray containing the descaling solution back on your coffee machine.
  5. Put a 0.5 l container where you normally put the coffee cup.
  6. Start the descaling process: press the button for five seconds, the descaling process will last 30 minutes and you will be notified of the end by an orange light.
  7. Empty the used descaling solution and replace the container where you normally put the coffee cup.
  8. Clean your water tank, put water back in and put it back on the machine.
  9. Quickly press on/off to start the cleaning cycle: repeat this cleaning procedure 3 or 4 times to make sure all the descaler is gone.
  10. At the end, remove the maintenance disc and put it back in its dedicated compartment.
  11. Put water back in the tank and you can now make yourself a good cup of coffee.

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I’ve tried everything, my Tassimo still trips the circuit breaker

You have two options left:

  • If your warranty is still valid, you can benefit from the repair of the Tassimo or a standard exchange;
  • if the warranty has expired, you can have your coffee maker repaired by an approved technician: repairing your appliances is more ecological than buying a new Tassimo;
  • If the cost of repair by an authorised technician seems too high, consider taking your old machine to the waste disposal centre before buying a new Tassimo.