Tassimo that doesn’t heat up: how to fix it?

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Has your Tassimo stopped heating the water? Does it seem to be working fine except that the coffee comes out cold? Follow our guide to identify possible faults and repair a Tassimo that no longer heats water.

Why doesn’t my Tassimo heat the water anymore?

Here are the main reasons for a Tassimo that no longer heats water.

The resistance of the Tassimo is damaged

This is the resistance that heats the water in your coffee. If it’s damaged or scaled up, it doesn’t work well or at all. You can start by descaling the machine and trying to make coffee. If it still comes out cold, refer to the next chapter to test the resistance.

The temperature sensor of the Tassimo is no longer functional

The temperature sensor is a component that regulates the water temperature. If it fails, it can no longer manage the heating of the water. Simply replace it with a new one.

The thermostat that regulates the water temperature of the Tassimo is defective

This thermostat checks the water temperature and stops heating when it is reached. If it is defective, the water will not reach the right temperature. You will get a cold coffee and even clearer than usual. If this is the case, the control thermostat must be changed.

There is scale in the Tassimo’s percolator group

If this set of parts is scaled up or dirty, the coffee water mixture will not form properly and it will run clear, even cold. Descale your Tassimo coffee maker (we give you the procedure in the next chapter) and if the problem persists replace the percolator group.

The electronic board is out of order

This electronic component manages the functions of the coffee maker: pump, resistance, ignition, etc. If you have checked all the above points and the water is still cold, the electronic board should be changed.

Repairing a Tassimo that no longer heats up

Check and change the resistance of the Tassimo

The resistor is in the boiler and is used to heat the water. To test the resistor, remove it from the Tassimo, take a multimeter in ohmmeter mode, then:

  1. Remove the terminals from the resistor.
  2. Place the tips of the multimeter on each end of the resistor.
  3. If you find a value greater than “0” or hear a beep, the resistor is working.
  4. If the multimeter does not display a value and no beep is heard, the resistor is defective and should be replaced with a new one.

Descaling the Tassimo

Descale regularly to prevent limescale deposits and extend the life of your coffee machine. Here’s how to descale a Tassimo:

  1. Fill the water tank with water and melt 2 Tassimo descaling tablets.
  2. Remove the yellow maintenance disc and place it in the percolation system with the barcode facing down (where you normally place the pods).
  3. Reposition the water tank.
  4. Place a 0.5 litre container in place of your coffee cup to catch the descaling water.
  5. Start the descaling process by pressing the button for five seconds: when it is finished after 30 minutes, the indicator lights up orange.
  6. Empty the used descaling solution and replace the container with the coffee cup.
  7. Clean the water tank well, rinse it to remove traces of descaler: then fill it with water and put your tank back on the machine.
  8. Quickly press the on/off button to start the cleaning cycle: when it is finished, empty the tray, replace it in the same place and repeat the procedure three or even four times to remove the descaler.
  9. When descaling is complete, remove the maintenance disc and return it to its dedicated compartment.
  10. Fill the water tank and you can now make a good coffee!

I have tried all the solutions but the Tassimo still doesn’t heat up

You have followed all the steps in our mini guide to identify the problem and repair a Tassimo that no longer heats water but the coffee maker is still broken? You have two solutions left to get back your good little coffee recipes:

  • check your warranty, if it is still valid bring your Tassimo back to the store for an exchange or repair;
  • maybe it’s time to think about buying a new Tassimo!