Repair a Nespresso that has no more pressure

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Does your Nespresso machine have no pressure? Is the coffee no longer flowing through the nozzle or is it dripping? Your coffee machine is either clogged, an aggregate of limestone or coffee grounds prevents the water from circulating and pressurizing, or the Nespresso pump is defective. Let’s see step by step how to identify the problem of a Nespresso that has no pressure and how to repair it without the intervention of a technician.

Identify why the Nespresso no longer pressurizes

The water circulation system is clogged

This can happen relatively frequently, because the diameters of the components are small enough to ensure sufficient pressure: as a result, the circuit clogs more easily. Limescale can be the cause if you have not descaled your Nespresso recently. To descale, please refer to the following chapter.

The coffee grounds could also have made a small clog and prevented the water from flowing and pressurizing. To check your water system, see our guide on how to fix a Nespresso with a flow problem.

The pump is defective

The pump is a component that ensures the circulation of water in your Nespresso. If it makes a dull noise and only a few drops reach the nozzle, it is because it is scaled or defective. Start descaling your Nespresso. If the problem persists, you will have to re-start the pump, we give you the procedure in the following paragraph.

Repairing a Nespresso that has lost its pressure

Descaling of Nespresso

It is recommended to descale at least once a year or when the “descale” indicator lights up:

  • Empty the bins;
  • Mix 3/4 water and 1/4 descaler in the tank;
  • turn on your coffee machine;
  • press the “small cup” and “large cup” buttons at the same time for 3 or 4 seconds;
  • press “large cup” and let the water in the water tank run out;
  • repeat the operation twice;
  • start a cycle with clear water twice by pressing “large cup”;
  • press the “small” and “large cup” buttons simultaneously for 3 or 4 seconds.

Your Nespresso is ready, you can make yourself a small coffee.

Re-priming the pump of a Nespresso

If the coffee machine was operated with an empty tank, the pump may have become defective.

To restart the pump of a Nespresso follow our procedure:

  • Check that the tank is filled with water;
  • press the “large cup” button;
  • open the lever and hold it back until the water flows;
  • after a few seconds, the water flows into the system;
  • Close the lever, the water now flows out of the coffee outlet;
  • press the “large cup” button again to stop the flow.

The pump should now be primed again, so you can enjoy your machine to make great coffee recipes. If not, the pump is defective and needs to be replaced.

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I’ve tried everything, my Nespresso still has no pressure

We have listed the common causes of a Nespresso that has pressure problems. If the problem persists:

  • if it is still valid, use the warranty;
  • call an authorized repairer if the cost is not higher than the purchase of a new appliance;
  • if there is nothing else to do, buy a new Nespresso machine.