My Senseo coffee maker is flashing, how do I fix it?

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Your Senseo is blinking and you can’t make coffee anymore? You’ve turned it on and off several times, but your Senseo coffee maker keeps flashing? This prevents you from making coffee, but it is not necessarily a serious problem. It is often a problem with the water tank that can be easily solved.

Here is our guide to identify the source of the problem and repair your flickering Senseo coffee maker.

Why is my Senseo blinking?

The first cause of a flickering Senseo coffee maker is a problem with the water tank. Start by checking the most obvious points:

  • the water level in the tank: make sure that the water exceeds the minimum level mark;
  • the position of the reservoir in the coffee maker: check that it is properly locked in place.

If the two previous points are correct, here are the main causes of a Senseo coffee maker that flashes continuously:

  • your Senseo is out of order: following a wrong manipulation, the parameters of your coffee maker have been disturbed;
  • Your water tank is clogged: scale has settled in the tank and prevents the sensors from working properly;
  • the float of the tank does not work properly: made up of a small magnet, it measures the water level and sends a wrong information to the machine in case of problem;
  • a operating temperature too low: if the ambient temperature is below 10 C, the Senseo coffee maker will not work.

How to repair a flickering Senseo coffee maker?

To repair your flickering Senseo coffee machine and get back your good coffee recipes, follow our procedures according to the causes identified previously.

Resetting your Senseo

This is one of the easiest procedures to try and solve your non-stop flashing Senseo problem. To reset your Senseo:

  1. Unplug from the mains.
  2. Plug your Senseo back in while pressing the cup one button.
  3. The light should then flash rapidly.

If the procedure has worked, you can fill your water tank, put in your pod and make yourself a coffee.

Room temperature is too low

The minimum operating temperature of the Senseo coffee maker is 10 C. If the temperature in your room is too low, move your coffee machine to a warmer room and wait one to two hours for it to warm up.

The water tank is scaled up

Simply start by cleaning the tank with hot water and washing-up liquid. Then try to restart the machine.

If your Senseocoffee maker is still flashing rapidly, you need to descale the tank. Put a half and half mixture of white vinegar and water in the tank and leave it overnight. The next day, rinse the tank thoroughly and test your coffee maker.

Check the magnetic float of the tank

The float that indicates the amount of water in the tank may be stuck, dirty or damaged.

Start by taking your empty tank in hand and shaking it: if you hear a noise (clattering), the float is mobile or you have unblocked it. Put the tank back in place and check if your Senseo is still flashing.

If you do not hear any noise, try to unblock the float with a long object such as a thin knife. If successful, reassemble the assembly and test your Senseo.

If your Senseo continues to flash, the float may be scaled. Simply descale the Senseo:

  1. Pour a mixture of half water and half vinegar into the tank.
  2. Put a used pod in the pod holder.
  3. Initiate the descaling procedure.

Repeat the operations a second time, then make a double rinse with clear water.

Defective magnetic float

To test if the problem with the flashing Senseo is due to the malfunctioning float, take a magnet and place it opposite the tank switch on the machine: the light should stop flashing. In this case you have to replace the tank.

My Senseo is still flashing, what can I do?

If your Senseo still flashes rapidly, the problem is another defective part:

  • contact the Philips service department, if your machine is still under warranty you can have it replaced;
  • call a professional repairer to diagnose the problem more precisely and repair it;
  • This can also be an opportunity to change your coffee machine.