My Nespresso no longer turns on: diagnosis and repair

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Your Nespresso is no longer working? You press the start button but the coffee machine does not start? This is probably due to an electrical problem or a safety device that has been triggered and prevents the coffee maker from restarting. Let’s see why your nespresso machine won’t turn on, how to fix this problem and how to make good coffee again.

Reasons for a Nespresso that no longer lights up

The problem is with the power supply

Start by checking that your Nespresso is plugged in. If so, make sure it’s not a power failure: are other electrical appliances also switched off?

Unplug the power cord and inspect it. If you notice any abnormality, change the cord, never use a damaged cord.

The switch of the nespresso is defective

Start with a visual inspection for cracks or problems. If you don’t see anything, we explain in the next chapter how to test it.

One or more safety devices have been activated

Check it out:

  • that the water tray is properly fitted;
  • that the water tank is not empty;
  • that the capsule collector is not full;
  • there is no leak: unplug the machine and tilt it to detect the presence of a leak, if this is the case consult our guide to repairing a leaking Nespresso.

The problem is the safety thermostat

The safety thermostat is designed to limit and maintain the water temperature at around 94 C. If it is defective, the water is not heated properly and the machine goes into a safety mode and is therefore switched off. In this case, change the safety thermostat for a new one.

Failure to descale the Nespresso

Your machine has become scaled and a limescale blockage is preventing it from working properly:

  • the coffee can’t flow;
  • the resistor is damaged.

See the procedure for descaling and changing the resistance in the next paragraph.

How to repair a Nespresso that no longer lights up

Test and repair a coffee machine switch

Remove your switch. To test it, take a multimeter in the ohmmeter position. If you don’t get a reading in either position, change it for a new one.

Descaling a Nespresso

It is recommended to descale at least once a year or when the descale indicator lights up. Here is the descaling procedure for the Nespresso:

  • Empty all the bins;
  • mix 3/4 water with 1/4 descaler and put it in the tank;
  • turn on the Nespresso;
  • press the “large cup” and “small cup” buttons simultaneously for 3 or 4 seconds;
  • press the “large cup” button and wait for the water to flow out of the water tank;
  • repeat the operation twice;
  • start a cycle with clear water twice by pressing the “large cup” button;
  • press the “large cup” and “small cup” buttons simultaneously for 3 or 4 seconds.

Your Nespresso is ready to make you a good coffee.

Testing and changing the resistance of a coffee maker

If you have descaled your Nespresso but it still won’t turn on, the resistor may be to blame. To test a resistor, you need to do a continuity test.

Check that the Nespresso is unplugged. Take a multimeter in ohmmeter mode:

  • remove the terminals from the resistor;
  • Place the multimeter tips on each of the resistor terminals;
  • if you measure a value higher than 0 or hear a beep, the resistance is not the cause;
  • if no value is displayed and no beep is emitted, it is faulty, replace it with a new one.

To install a new resistance, consult our guide to changing the resistance of a Nespresso. And, why not take the opportunity to change to a newer Nespresso model or one with more options!

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I’ve tried everything, my Nespresso still won’t turn on

We have indicated the most common causes of a Nespresso that does not turn on. If the problem persists:

  • change the electronic card that manages the various functions of your Nespresso: the intervention of a technician is recommended;
  • check your guarantee, if it is still valid, make it worthwhile;
  • call a professional repairer, the cost is not necessarily higher than a new machine;
  • as a last resort, buy a new Nespresso.