Dolce Gusto leaking, how to repair?

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Is your Dolce Gusto leaking and you can’t make a good cup of coffee this morning? There are several types of coffee machine leaks, we’ll help you identify the reasons and solve the problem yourself with our guide to fixing a leaking Dolce Gusto.

What causes your Dolce Gusto to leak

Dolce Gusto tank leak

If the leak is located under the tank, the origin is either:

  • the tank valve gasket whose function is to make a seal between the tank and the coffee machine;
  • the tank seat gasket.

To find out which seal is failing, fill your water tank and place it over your sink:

  • if water is flowing, the tank is leaking, the valve gasket must be changed;
  • If necessary, it is advisable to change the gasket of the tank seat, we give you the procedure in the following paragraph.

Dolce Gusto internal leak

To identify the source of the leak, the coffee machine must be disassembled and certain components of the appliance must be electrically tested. This is quite delicate and it is best to leave this operation to a professional.

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Solutions for Dolce Gusto leaks: change the tank seat gasket

To repair a leaking Dolce Gusto, you will need to replace the tank seat gasket by installing a new tank seat. First, here is the procedure for disassembling the coffee machine:

  1. Remove the reservoir and the needle that opens the nozzle.
  2. Using a 10 mm Torx screwdriver, unscrew the cover on the back of the machine.
  3. Swivel the Dolce Gusto to remove the covers, simply lift the two plastic tabs.
  4. With a flathead screwdriver, spread the slot in front of you, then, paying attention to the on/off switch there, remove the entire side.
  5. Remove the other side of the machine in the same way by lifting the two plastic tabs.

Don’t hesitate to take pictures during the disassembly, it will help you to reassemble your machine.

Now that the machine is dismantled, the tank seat and hose must be replaced:

  1. Remove the tank seat and hose by pushing with your flathead screwdriver.
  2. Push the pump out of its housing towards the pin.
  3. Remove the hose from the tank seat.
  4. Mount the new parts.
  5. Reconnect the boiler and replace it and the pump in the machine.

The plastic covers of the Dolce Gusto must now be reassembled and screwed back on. Your machine is now ready for a good coffee.

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I’ve tried all the Dolce Gusto repair solutions, it still leaks

You have followed all the steps in our guide and your Dolce Gusto is still leaking?

It may be an internal leak, in which case it is advisable to have it repaired by an approved repairer, especially if your machine is under warranty, the repair will be taken care of. If the repair is not possible, you have to change your coffee machine for a new or used one. And don’t forget to take your old machine to the waste disposal centre!