How to reprime and change a Nespresso water pump

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Do you have a problem with the water pump on your Nespresso? Does your coffee machine have no pressure or is the water not flowing from the Nespresso? Let’s see together how to identify a coffee machine water pump failure, how to re-start a Nespresso pump and, finally, how to change it if it proves to be defective.

Identify the causes of a failing Nespresso water pump

While wear and tear of the part is both a natural and probable cause, there are other reasons for the malfunction:

  • your coffee maker has been used when the water tank was either empty or not full enough: the water pump has been damaged by running empty;
  • the water pump is no longer correctly positioned in the system;
  • the coffee maker is too close to a heat source: make sure you leave some space around the machine so that the air can circulate and cool it down.

Symptoms of a faulty water pump are as follows:

  • the pressure is low or close to zero and the coffee does not flow;
  • the pressure is high but makes a high-pitched, loud noise when you start the machine;
  • you can no longer adjust the water pressure.

How to restart the water pump of a Nespresso

Here’s how to reprime a Nespresso pump:

  1. Put water in the tray.
  2. Start the machine and press the “large cup” button.
  3. Raise the handle and wait a few moments to let air into the system so that the pump can restart.
  4. Lower the handle.
  5. Repeat the same procedure several times until the water starts flowing again.

If after several attempts the water does not flow, re-starting the Nespresso is not enough. Your pump is defective, we indicate you in the following chapter how to test it.

How to test the water pump of a Nespresso

You have a problem of pressure or water flow with your Nespresso and you want to check if you need to re-prime the Nespresso or change the pump?

First of all, unplug your machine and take a large syringe and a screwdriver with a tip adapted to the dismantling of the coffee machine:

  1. Remove the water and capsule tray.
  2. Remove the rear panel and the sides of the machine.
  3. Identify the hose connected to the flow meter and disconnect it.
  4. Fill a syringe with water and place it at the end of the hose in place of the flow meter.
  5. Plug in the Nespresso and replace the water tank.
  6. Start a coffee by pressing the “large cup” button and at the same time press the syringe to empty the water into the hose.

The verdict: If the coffee doesn’t flow and the pump vibrates, it’s defective. It must be replaced with a new one.

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How to change the water pump of a Nespresso?

Start by removing the capsule tray and then dismantle the rear and side panels as before for the pump check. You must then:

  1. Unclip the hoses from the pump outlets and water inlet and then disconnect them (take pictures, this will be useful when you reassemble the water pump).
  2. Disconnect the pump from its connectors.
  3. Remove the pump from its housing.
  4. Place the new pump in place of the old one.
  5. Connect the new pump to the connectors.
  6. Re-clip the water inlet and outlet pipes.
  7. Reassemble the panels of the coffee machine.

Before you start your coffee, don’t forget to run hot water to clean the new pump.