How to repair a leaking Tassimo?

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Does your Tassimo have a leak under the tank? Or perhaps it leaks after the coffee has been poured? Whatever the reason, in most cases you can fix a leaking Tassimo yourself. Follow our guide to identify the causes of the fault and repair a Tassimo that leaks from the top or bottom.

Why is my Tassimo leaking?

Let’s identify together where the leak is coming from.

Tassimo leaks at the tank

First, check your tank for cracks. If it is not, the valve is probably at fault. It is probably clogged, just clean it with a thin object to remove the dirt in the hole and some soapy water.

Coffee is difficult to brew and water leaks from the nozzle

There is probably scale in the circuit or even in the nozzle, you can descale the Tassimo (the procedure is given in the next paragraph).

If you have already descaled, the outlet nozzle is a bit blocked and needs to be cleaned. Remove it and clean it with a brush and hot soapy water, and at the same time you can use a cloth to clean the barcode reading cell.

Refit the nozzle, your coffee should now flow normally.

Tassimo leaks at the lid

If the leakage is coming from the Tassimo cover, the most likely cause is that the seal at the spout unit is dirty: coffee, lime or dirt may have settled there.

The solution is very simple, just clean it with soapy water. If the problem persists, you will have to change the seal for a new one.

The sieve of the pod holder can also be at fault, limescale or coffee grounds may have clogged it: simply clean it with soapy water if necessary with a brush.

Solving a Tassimo leak problem

Most of the time, the leakage problem comes from a lack of descaling. Remember to do this regularly to avoid limescale deposits and to extend the life of your Tassimo. The harder the water is, the more often you have to descale it if you don’t have a water softener in your house.

Here is the procedure to descale a Tassimo:

  1. Fill the water tank with water and melt two Tassimo descaling tablets.
  2. Remove the yellow maintenance disc and place it in the percolation system with the barcode facing down (where you normally place the pods).
  3. Refill the water tank.
  4. Put a 0.5 litre container in place of your coffee cup to catch the water.
  5. Start the descaling mode by pressing the button for five seconds: when it is completed after 30 minutes the orange light will come on.
  6. Discard the used descaling solution and return the container to the coffee cup location.
  7. Thoroughly clean the water tank and rinse it to remove all traces of descaler. Then fill it with water and replace the tank on the machine.
  8. Press quickly on/off to start the cleaning cycle: when it is finished, empty the container, put it back in the same place and repeat the procedure three or four times in order to remove the descaler.
  9. When descaling is complete, remove the maintenance disc and replace it in its dedicated compartment.
  10. Put water back in the tank, you can now use your Tassimo.

I’ve tried everything but my Tassimo still leaks!

If you have followed the steps described in this guide step by step, all you have to do is:

  • check your warranty and use it if it is still active: bring your machine back to the store and the manufacturer will take care of the repair;
  • if the warranty has expired, carefully evaluate the cost of the intervention of an authorized technician compared to the price of a new machine: if the cost of the intervention and the replaced parts is higher than the purchase of a new machine, it is better to buy a new Tassimo.