How to grind coffee with the Thermomix?

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Grinding coffee in the Thermomix is child’s play… and has many advantages! It’s convenient if you don’t have a grinder or if you buy coffee beans like many coffee lovers.

We tell you all about it and how to make ground coffee with the Thermomix. You can also find all our tips and tricks if your Thermomix breaks down so that you can still grind coffee.

The advantages of ground coffee in the Thermomix

Don’t worry, the blades of your food processor are very resistant and using the Thermomix to grind coffee is not a problem.

If you have the possibility, there are many advantages to making your own ground coffee with the Thermomix:

  • it keeps better in beans than ground coffee: ground coffee oxidizes faster and loses its taste;
  • it is more economical to buy coffee beans than ground coffee;
  • for a reasonable price you have many more options of coffee bean types.

Once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to get enough of the delicious smell of Thermomix-ground coffee at home! You can even roast your coffee beans with the Thermomix by turning it on.

For an optimal taste, it is advisable to grind only the quantity of coffee necessary for the consumption of the day (ideally the drink of the moment). In any case, it is not advisable to keep the ground coffee in the Thermomix for more than 15 days.

How to grind coffee in the Thermomix?

How many coffee beans do I need to grind in the Thermomix? This depends on the type of coffee you are making:

  • Coffee bean dosage for an espresso: 7 g and 12 g of coffee bean depending on the desired intensity;
  • Coffee bean dosage for a filter coffee: 12 g to 15 g of coffee bean per cup according to your taste.

Adapt the granulometry (size of the coffee beans ground in the Thermomix) according to the type of coffee desired:

  • Ground coffee Thermomix for coffee maker piston: the grind must be fairly coarse (type coarse salt but not too much!), use a progressive speed from 5 to 10 and turn 30 s;
  • Grind coffee with the Thermomix for filter and Italian coffee makers : the grind must be medium/fine (sugar or fine salt type), the speed remains progressive from 5 to 10 but you must program 40 seconds;
  • Thermomix ground coffee for espresso machine: the grind must be very fine (baking soda powder), the progressive speed is always 5 to 10 and the programming time is 50 seconds;
  • Grind coffee with the Thermomix for Greek or Turkish coffee : the grind must be extra fine, add 10 seconds to the programming time for an espresso grind, i.e. speed varying from 5 to 10 and set the programming to 1 minute.

These are orders of magnitude, do your tests to refine the duration of pulverization according to the desired grind. For afficionados, try roasting coffee with Thermomix by adjusting the temperature.

How to store ground coffee in the Thermomix?

If you don’t use all the coffee ground in the Thermomix, put it in an airtight box and keep it away from light at room temperature. After 15 days it tends to oxidize and lose its taste.

Grinding coffee when the Thermomix is out of order

If your Thermomix breaks down, you can no longer grind coffee in the Thermomix.

Here are some troubleshooting solutions.

Coffee grinders are an economical back-up solution: there are both electric and manual grinders. Choose the one you prefer:

  • the manual mill is practical when camping or picnicking when you are cooking on a gas stove and without an electrical outlet at hand, it is also more ecological;
  • the electric grinder is effortless with an immediate result: your ground coffee is ready within seconds.

If you don’t have a coffee grinder, you can use a mortar and pestle. It takes longer than grinding coffee in the Thermomix and you’ll only make small amounts at a time, but it can do the trick. Place the coffee beans in the mortar and pestle, cover it with your hand and press and turn to crush the beans to the desired size.