Why does my brushcutter stall at idle?

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Want to enjoy your garden but weeds are swarming? And it’s the perfect time for your brushcutter to stall. Don’t panic, we’ll give you a few tips to help you repair a brushcutter with an idling problem.

Idle screw on brushcutter is loose

Tightening it by hand or with a screwdriver should solve your brushcutter problem. The optimum engine speed is high enough to maintain idle without the cutting device moving.

Brushcutter air and/or fuel filters are clogged

Inspect them visually for cleanliness and check the condition of the spark plug at the same time!

Brushcutter has carburetor problem

If the idle screw is tight and the filters are clean, turn to the tank side of the carburetor to make sure the cap is still doing its job of sealing. If the cap is in good condition, then in most cases you have a carburetor adjustment problem. To adjust your carburettor, you usually start from the neutral position where the two richness screws H and L are at zero. In your case, if the engine stalls at idle without having accelerated, it means that it is choking. In other words, the air/fuel mixture is too lean. To solve this problem, loosen the L screw further to enrich the fuel mixture.

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How to adjust a brushcutter carburetor?

If the previous procedures have not solved your stalling problem, proceed to the complete adjustment of the carburettor by positioning the two adjustment screws H and L at zero, that is to say tightened but not blocked. Then unscrew each screw by one complete turn.

The first step is to adjust the recovery of your brushcutter :

  • start the engine;
  • If the brushcutter stalls without accelerating: the air-fuel mixture is low in fuel, loosen the screw L;
  • If the brushcutter accelerates before stalling: there is too much fuel in the air-fuel mixture, tighten the screw L.

Then set the speed of the brushcutter:

  • Use the screw H to keep the brushcutter at maximum speed but without overloading it;
  • Adjust the brushcutter idle speed screw or throttle stop screw as in the first paragraph to achieve the optimum engine speed.