What to do if your Senseo coffee machine does not heat up?

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Your Senseo coffee machine does not heat up anymore? Is the coffee from your Senseo cold? If your Senseo coffee maker produces cold water, it may be due to a simple scale deposit, a failure of parts or an electronic problem. Once repaired, you will be able to enjoy your hot coffee again.

Follow our guide to find the cause of your problem and repair your Senseo coffee machine that doesn’t heat and produces cold water.

Why doesn’t your Senseo coffee maker heat up?

A problem with a Senseo that doesn’t heat up well is certainly due to:

  • a wrong setting of your Senseo coffee maker due to a handling error or a wrong use: no repair is needed in this case, the origin of the problem is in the initialization of the Senseo;
  • your Senseo coffee machine is scaled: the heating of the water is disrupted by scale deposits in the hoses and parts of your coffee maker;
  • the boiler of your Senseo which does not work properly: it is the part which allows to heat the water thanks to the resistance;
  • the thermal probe or thermostat of the boiler is defective: it is the one that stops the heating in case of too high temperature, in case of malfunctions the boiler does not heat correctly and the coffee maker produces cold water.

How to repair a Senseo that doesn’t heat up?

Depending on the causes identified above, follow our procedures to solve a problem with a Senseo coffee maker that does not heat up.

Reset your Senseo coffee maker

If your Senseo is out of adjustment, a reset of the Senseo is necessary:

  1. unplug the electrical outlet;
  2. simultaneously, plug the coffee maker back in and press the one-cup button;
  3. In case of success, the light flashes very quickly.

Your coffee machine is ready, you just have to fill the water tank and insert a pod.

Procedure for descaling a Senseo coffee maker

Descaling your coffee maker is part of routine maintenance: Philips recommends descaling every three months. This maintains the quality of the coffee, reduces the risk of breakdowns and extends the life of your coffee machine.

Repeat the following procedure twice:

  1. pour a litre of half water/half white vinegar mixture or a litre of water and a dose of Senseo descaler into the tank;
  2. insert a used pod into the double pod holder;
  3. turn on the coffee maker;
  4. repeat a two-cup cycle until the tank is empty.

Then rinse your coffee maker twice with clean water by filling your tank twice.

Carefully wash all the removable parts of the machine: water tank, pod holder, lid, coffee collector and coffee spout.

Test the boiler of your Senseo coffee maker

To access the boiler of your Senseo:

  1. Unplug your coffee maker and remove the water tank;
  2. Remove the cup holder and the coffee spout;
  3. Unclip the plastic cover at the back of the machine with a flat screwdriver to gain access to the boiler;
  4. Disconnect the electrical cables and hoses to remove the boiler from its location.

Test the resistance with an ohmmeter: place the points on the terminals of the resistance, the value displayed should be around 35 ohms. If not, you need to replace the boiler of your Senseo coffee maker.

Test the thermostat of your Senseo coffee machine

This thermal sensor, also called Klixon or thermostat, is fixed on the body of the boiler: a small black plastic cylinder with two electrical lugs.

Test the continuity of the thermostat: set your multimeter to continuity mode and position the pins on each of the thermostat connectors. If you do not hear a beep, change the thermostat.

I have done all the tests, but my Senseo does not heat up, what can I do?

We have reviewed the main causes of a Senseo coffee maker that does not heat and produces cold water. If none of them are the cause of your problem:

  • Call Philips Service Department for warranty information and possible replacement of your machine;
  • contact a specialized repairer who will advise you on the best way to proceed;
  • it’s time to replace your coffee machine.