Repair a Nespresso Vertuo with a blinking button problem

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Is your Nespresso Vertuo flashing continuously? Or is your Nespresso flashing orange? Maybe even your Nespresso is flashing red three times? With these flashes of different colors, green, orange, red and at different speeds, it’s enough to make you feel confused! How can you tell the difference between a normal Nespresso flashing and one that announces a breakdown?

So how do you get your machine back in working order and its good little coffee recipes? We tell you everything about Nespresso machines that flash orange, green or red so that you can identify possible problems and repair your espresso machine yourself!

My Nespresso Vertuo flashes green continuously

The green light is flashing rapidly and the machine won’t start? It’s just that it’s warming up and will be ready to give you a good coffee in a minute.

The light that remains continuously green when the Nespresso is in operation confirms that the machine is working properly.

My Nespresso Vertuo flashes red continuously

The machine head is still moving and the Nespresso Vertuo light is flashing red? Empty the capsule tray and open and close the Nespresso head.

My Nespresso Vertuo flashes red twice and then turns green again

The Nespresso Vertuo flashes red twice without starting before turning solid green again? The tank is empty, just fill it up and restart the machine (without forgetting the coffee capsule!).

My Nespresso Vertuo flashes red three times and then returns to a steady red

Press the lever until the Nespresso head stops moving. Remove anything that may interfere with the operation of the machine and empty the capsule container if necessary. Close the machine, it is ready to operate.

My Nespresso Vertuo flashes red twice and then flashes orange

A special function is on: eject the capsule and restart the function.

If the flashing occurs after the “empty machine” function has been started, remove the water tank.

My Nespresso Vertuo flashes red twice then turns solid orange

You are in the menu for special functions. Simply select the function you want by pressing the lever down.

My Nespresso Vertuo flashes orange continuously

Is your Nespresso vertuo next flashing orange? The machine signals that a special function is in progress.

My Nespresso Vertuo is always flashing, what is the solution?

We have tried to be exhaustive in our analysis of the different situations in which a Nespresso flashes.

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However, if you have tried everything else and the problem persists, you have the option of calling a professional technician. If the machine is under warranty, the repair may be covered by the manufacturer.

  • activate the guarantee if it is still valid;
  • have a professional repairer intervene if the cost is not higher than a new device;
  • as a last resort, buy a new Nespresso.