Nespresso that no longer pierces the capsules: solutions and repairs

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Your Nespresso no longer pierces the coffee capsules? The water from the coffee maker is flowing and you get a single cup of hot water? This is a classic and recurring failure of the model, but it is easy to repair on your own.

We give you in this article the causes of the problems of Nespresso which no longer pierces the capsules and the procedures to repair your coffee maker alone in most cases. If your model of coffee maker is a L’OR Barista, check out our solutions for a L’OR Barista that does not pierce the capsules.

The causes of a Nespresso that no longer perforates coffee capsules

Two main causes can be at the origin of a lack of perforation of Nespresso capsules:

  • the pump ensuring the circulation of the pressurized water which will puncture the capsule is defective: we will tell you in the following paragraph how to test and reprime the pump of your Nespresso coffee maker;
  • the front of the piston is dirty or defective: it has grooves to position the capsule against the pins of the brewing unit which pierce the capsule.

Repairing a Nespresso that no longer pierces the capsules

Before any intervention, unplug your Nespresso.

Reprime the Nespresso and test the Nespresso pump

If the machine has operated with the water tank empty, the pump has lost its prime. To reboot the Nespresso:

  1. fill the water tank;
  2. press the large cup button once and open the lever;
  3. keep it open until the water flow starts, the water flows normally from the coffee outlet;
  4. press the large cup button again to stop it.

The Nespresso pump is reprimed. You can use your coffee machine again.

If you have not succeeded in repriming the pump, you will have to test the Nespresso pump. The operation is quite delicate, if you do not feel comfortable, have it done by a professional repairer.

Unplug the machine and wear protective gloves:

  1. disconnect the power supply from the pump;
  2. put a hose at the inlet of the pump then immerse it in a container filled with water;
  3. disconnect from the outlet side of your pump and place a pipe immersed in a container;
  4. with an electrical cord, connect the terminals of your pump to the mains;
  5. if the pump does not deliver water or does not work, it is faulty and must be replaced.

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Testing the front of the coffee machine plunger

Visually inspect the front of the plunger to make sure that nothing is obstructing it, such as a capsule membrane that is stuck in it. If it is scaled, start a descaling of your Nespresso. Start a coffee again, if you observe a leak at the level of the membrane of the capsule (it is the front part of the capsule), the front of the piston is surely defective and it should be changed for a new one.

The problem can also come from the brewing unit: if it is worn, especially when using incompatible capsules, the pins will no longer pierce the membrane of the capsule. It will be changed for a new part.

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I tried everything, my Nespresso still does not pierce the capsules

We have listed the most common causes of a Nespresso having problems perforating the coffee capsules. If the problem persists, all you have to do is:

  • enforce the guarantee if it is still valid;
  • call in a professional repairer if the cost is not higher than a new device;
  • as a last resort, buy a new or used Nespresso.