My Senseo no longer turns on, how do I fix it?

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Your Senseo coffee machine doesn’t turn on anymore? It’s impossible to get it to work and prepare your morning coffee (or other sweets)! In this article we show you the different steps to identify the causes of the breakdown and to repair a Senseo that no longer lights up.

Why doesn’t the Senseo light up anymore?

The problem is with the power supply

First of all, check that your coffee maker is plugged in. It may seem obvious, but a slip of the tongue is not necessarily excluded! If the coffee maker is well connected, the problem may be in the electrical outlet. Plug another electrical appliance into the socket, if it doesn’t work either, the socket is defective. If it does work, the problem may be in the power cord of your Senseo. Inspect it to make sure that it is not too worn or that there are no small cracks or corners and do not hesitate to change it if it is too damaged as this can be dangerous.

The switch is faulty

This is the part that supplies the coffee machine with electricity. To check that it is functional, it must be dismantled and tested.

Unplug your coffee maker before disconnecting your switch, and take a multimeter in ohmmeter mode. Place the tips of the multimeter on the terminals of the switch, you must find a value only in one of the two positions. If no value is displayed in either position, the switch is defective and should be replaced.

The Senseo has a safety device activated

The coffee machine will not start if:

  • the tank is not well fitted:
  • the water tank is empty, it must be filled with water;
  • the safety thermostat has failed.

The safety thermostat limits and keeps the temperature around 94°. If it stops working, the water does not heat up and, for safety reasons, the Senseo is switched off.

To test it, you must unplug the machine and then disassemble it. Take a multimeter in the ohmmeter position to perform a continuity test. Once the thermostat is disconnected, place the multimeter’s tips on its terminals:

  • if you find zero or hear a beep, the thermostat is working;
  • if you can’t find a value and don’t hear a beep, you need to change the thermostat for a new one.

The Senseo is scaled

Limescale forms and deposits on the components and in the water circuit of the machine. This is a normal process linked to the presence of limescale in the water. This can cause breakdowns by damaging certain parts such as the heating element or by creating a blockage that prevents the circulation of water. In the paragraph below we give you the procedure for descaling your Senseo.

The electronic board is defective

If you have checked the above points and your coffee machine still does not turn on, the problem may be in the electronic board. It is advisable to call in a professional to test or even replace it.

Descaling to repair the Senseo that no longer lights up

Regular descaling of your Senseo is necessary to keep it in good condition, prevent breakdowns and extend its life. A descaling indicator lights up when your machine needs descaling. However, there are times when your machine may need to be descaled more often, such as when your water is very hard.

Manufacturers advise using their descaling products, natural products such as white vinegar, citric acid and baking soda work but are not recommended as they would damage the machine or leave a bad taste in the coffee.

Here is the procedure for descaling a Senseo with descaling agents (repeat twice):

  • Pour a litre of water and a dose of Senseo descaler into the tank;
  • Place a used pod in the pod holder;
  • plug in the coffee maker;
  • start a descaling cycle until the tank is empty.

Rinse the coffee machine twice with clean water by filling the tank twice.

Wash the removable parts of the Senseo: water tank, lid, pod holder, coffee spout and coffee collector.

If you want to use natural products (we leave it to you to judge if it is risky for the machine) or in case of emergency, replace the water + descaler solution by your choice:

  • one third water and two thirds white vinegar;
  • 50 g of citric acid in 1 l of water;
  • two teaspoons of baking soda in 1 l of water.

Then follow the procedure described above.

I’ve tried everything, my Senseo still doesn’t work

We try to be exhaustive in our repair tutorials, however, it may happen that a failure persists. In this case, contact a professional technician, if the machine is under warranty the repair will be taken care of. And if the machine is no longer repairable, it’s time to change it for a new or used one, and don’t forget to bring the old one to the waste disposal center.