Magnetic water softener or anti-scaler: advice and operation

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

The magnetic anti-scale removes the scaling from the water. As a result, limescale no longer builds up and the water retains its minerals. No need for consumables such as salt (as with resin softeners), the solution is economical and ecological. The term “magnetic softener ” should be replaced by “magnetic anti-scale”: this system does not soften the water, as it does not remove its minerals, it avoids scale deposits.

What is a magnetic scale remover?

An anti-scale product does not change the lime content of the water. It changes the structure of the limescale into a white powder that is suspended and no longer sticks to pipes, walls, sinks, washbasins, heating elements in household appliances, etc.

An electromagnetic anti-scaler is made up of magnets and is fixed to the walls of the pipes by means of clamps. It polarizes the minerals in the water and prevents them from settling.

The more magnets, the better. You can also find models with two magnets. The higher the water flow, the more efficient it is.

You don’t need electricity to run it, so no increase in energy bill and an ecological gesture for the planet.

Magnetic anti-scale, advantages and disadvantages

Here are the advantages of an electromagnetic scale remover:

  • environmentally friendly solution: no need for electricity or chemical additives to operate
  • economic solution: no salt refill required + no increase in water consumption
  • very little maintenance: check the state of the magnets and the water hardness with a kit available everywhere
  • it can be easily installed anywhere and moved just as easily

However, in order for it to be effective, you should be careful before choosing the electromagnetic scale remover.

Magnetic anti-scale, how to choose?

Here are the criteria for choosing a magnetic scale remover:

  • The water must have a TH lower than 30 for a better efficiency;
  • A magnetic power of 5600 Gauss or more is generally recommended.

As for the price, count between 100 and 450 euros for a quality model. You can find models at low prices 15-40 euros to be installed on the pipes, you will need several to equip the house. Compare the prices with a more powerful model, it is not necessarily a good deal in the end.