L’OR Barista with lever problems: solutions and repairs

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Last update September 3rd, 2022

Does your L’OR Barista machine have a lever problem? Impossible to lower the lever of the L’OR Barista? The lever is stuck and your L’OR Barista machine refuses to open? In short, the L’OR Barista lever is stuck!

This problem is often due to a stuck capsule or an overflow of the used capsule drawer. Follow our guide to repairing a L’OR Barista machine with a stuck lever at the top or bottom.

Why the L’OR Barista machine has a lever problem

The two main causes of a L’OR Barista with a stuck lever problem are:

  • The used capsule compartment is full: when this drawer is full, the lever may be blocked in the lower position. In this case, the L’OR Barista machine will not open.
  • The drawer for the disposable capsules overflowed when you opened the machine: the lever of L’OR Barista remains blocked in the upper position.
  • A coffee capsule is stuck in the insertion compartment: the L’OR Barista lever remains stuck, the coffee machine cannot be opened or closed.

How to repair a L’OR Barista with lever problem

Unable to close the lever of L’OR Barista

If your used capsule drawer is full, it’s easy: just remove and empty the drawer. Your L’OR Barista machine with lever problem is unlocked! It’s time to consult our gourmet coffee recipes!

If the capsule is stuck in the insertion cell, take it out and put it back in. If you are unable to extract it:

  1. Remove the used capsule container and the drip tray.
  2. From below, try to pull or push the stuck capsule.
  3. At the same time, slightly move the lever to dislodge the blocked capsule.

In general, you should not force the lever when using aluminium capsules. If you use plastic capsules compatible with the L’OR Barista machine, you will probably need to force the lever a little more to close it.

Unable to open the lever of L’OR Barista

When the used capsule compartment is filled to the brim: simply empty the drawer to repair your L’OR Barista machine with the problem of the lever being blocked at the bottom! Take a look at our gourmet coffee recipes to test your machine!

If the used capsule drawer is not the cause of the blockage of the L’OR Barista lever, it is possible that a capsule is blocked in the coffee capsule insertion cell. This happens occasionally while you are making a coffee: the coffee stops and the pump continues to run.

In this case, the L’OR Barista machine must come down to temperature: wait an hour before trying to reopen the blocked lever, you may have to force it slightly.

I have tried everything but my L’OR Barista has a lever problem

We have reviewed the main causes of a L’OR Barista machine with a lever problem. If the problem persists, start by contacting the after-sales service: with the warranty you can benefit from a standard exchange or the repair.

If your L’OR Barista is no longer under warranty, contact a professional repairer. However, be aware of the cost of the repair compared to the price of a new espresso machine. Check out our top 3 espresso machines to get an idea of the prices!