How to choose the best coffee machine?

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There’s nothing like a good coffee to start the day, or a good espresso after lunch. A good coffee machine is the aromatic scent that titillates your sense of smell before making your taste buds crackle.

Enjoying a good coffee at any time of the day in the comfort of your own home is a luxury that is completely accessible. As long as you find the right coffee machine, the one that will concoct the best little espresso or crema in the world!

While the plethora of coffee machines on the market helps to keep prices down, it also makes it very difficult to choose. Follow our guide to find out which coffee machine to choose so that it suits your tastes perfectly.

Criteria for choosing a coffee machine


Always start by assessing the number of coffees consumed by the family per day. This allows you to select a coffee maker that has the right amount of water to provide the right number of coffees.

Ease of use

How will you use your coffee machine? Do you want a built-in coffee grinder that allows you to grind every coffee? Do you prefer to use coffee powder? Another solution is to use capsules or pods which are recyclable and allow easy cleaning and use.


Because we all have a budget to respect (uh… right?), we need to know a little about the price range. The machines with pods or capsules go from 55 to 800-900 euros, the espresso machines can go up to a few thousand depending on their brand, quality and features. So don’t panic, there is something for everyone!

Types of coffee

How do you like your coffee? Long, short? Check out the possible options for your future machine.

Coffee quality

Each machine has its own specificities, so the coffee is unique. Find the type of machine that makes the coffee you like or taste it in the shop before you buy, it’s the best way to get a coffee machine that suits you perfectly.

Milk Frother

Some coffee machines have an integrated or separate milk frother. If you like cappuccino, then this is the accessory for you!

Size of the coffee machine

If you plan to store your coffee machine after each use, choose a light and compact model. If you are going to leave it out all the time, measure the space you plan to give it before you buy it so that you don’t end up with a machine that takes up too much space!

Now you are ready to choose your future coffee machine. If you’re still hesitating, check out our top 3 best Nespresso coffee makers. So, you’ll be having a little coffee again, won’t you?

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